Weekly Round Up of Articles

Weekly Round Up of Articles

November 14, 2023

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Before Congress left for their Thanksgiving Recess they passed a Continuing Resolution on a laddered approach.  This laddered approach means Congress will need to address a portion of the ladder by the 19th of January and the other ladder by February 2nd.  We are not expecting a lot of activity from Congress for the remainder of the year and a condensed schedule for 2024 with it being an election year.  We wanted to share our weekly roundup of articles that can benefit or impact your planning outcomes.  If you have questions or concerns, please use the link below to schedule a time for a conversation.  Please also feel free to forward to anyone you believe might benefit.  

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A 4-part strategy for dealing with market downturns in retirement

Life insurance, annuities can bolster a retirement portfolio

Goldman not expecting interest-rate cut until late 2024

Some lawmakers want to revise Social Security rules for public workers

US could face growing challenges in meeting long-term care needs

Why Americans delay LTC planning

Genworth's CareScout helping link consumers with long-term care services

Making a plan to manage retirement tax bills

Managing debt claims against an estate